FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING • bonus application pack with every nail order
FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING • bonus application pack with every nail order
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Hi, I’m Jane! I’m currently based in Melbourne, Australia. My background is in traditional painting and a few years ago I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art. During my BFA I found myself drawn to the unique combination of art, design, fashion, and beauty that exists in nail art. After experimenting with relational/interactive art I began conducting nail art sessions with my peers and incorporating nail design into my studio work.

After finishing university I decided to look into creating my own decals and press on nail sets for sale. I figured that this way I could create the designs that I was interested in making, and by selling online I could connect with customers, who had similar tastes, all over the world. 

I hand make all the products in the shop and think of them as an extension of my art practice, so the nails are like little wearable artworks~ 

You might have also noticed from my Instagram and Pinterest accounts (if you’ve come from there… if not it’s @janesafarian on both) that I’ve spent quite a bit of time over the past couple of years in Seoul. I’m really interested in, and inspired by, South Korean beauty trends and nail design. You can follow me on my social media accounts to see some more things that inspire me, as well as some in-progress videos and customer photos/reviews (Instagram highlights!).