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Welcome! and Pressed Flower Decals BTS


New website! First blog post! Exclamation marks! It's all happening!

There's a separate 'about' section for some background about me, and how I went from a fine art degree to nail design, and a general FAQ for any questions you might have about the products, but I still wanted to make a little introductory post about this new website~ If you've been following me for a bit you'll know that I had a site with Squarespace in the past (as well as selling through Etsy) and I wasn't completely happy with how the previous site looked/functioned, so I've switched over to Shopify now after hearing some recommendations. Having said that, I'm still learning as I go, so if you notice anything on here not loading right or links not working as they should, please let me know (! Hopefully I'll be able to fix it~ (( ´ ∀ ` ; )) 

I hadn't thought of using the blog feature before but since it's available it might be interesting to give some background information on the nail designs I have available! First up: the pressed flower nails and decals that have been most popular so far. 

A few years ago I noticed pressed flowers becoming really trendy for nail art. I loved the look as well, but this was before I started using gel products, so using actual pressed flowers with regular nail polish was really tricky. They're still 3D, so they're quite bumpy, especially with regular top coat since you can't encapsulate in the same way you can with gel or acrylic. Plus they're fragile and fairly large when compared to small nail beds. I looked online for a decal version but could only find decals using images of regular flowers, which didn't have the same look that I was going for. So I decided to try and make some myself, that way there would be a much larger variety of flowers that could be used, since they would be resized digitally, and they'd lay flatter on the nails. It took a lot of trial and error, but I got there in the end, and once I had those decals ready I could also use the design for press on nails. Later on Sarah Kate (@urbanwit) suggested a specifically cherry blossom themed set of decals, which turned out really cute too, and then I ended up splitting the regular pressed flower decals into two sets - one warm toned and the other cool toned. I've also been playing around with different base colours, and embellishments like gold flakes and sequins, as well as a milk bath inspired set~ I'll include some photos below!

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